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Long Island Frozen Storage,Inc.
25 Charlotte Avenue
Hicksville, NY 11801
Phone (516) 827-5616 / Fax (516) 827-5614
The Warehouse

Our warehouse is located just 3 miles south of the Long Island Expressway at nearby exit 40 in Hicksville, New York.  The
heart of the operation has 2
90,000 cubic feet of rock hard -20°F freezer space, fully racked with 3,500 pallet positions, each
bay 84 inches high.  We have retrofitted the refrigeration system to convert it over to an HP80 (environmentally friendly)
design which can achieve operating temperatures of -
20° below 0° with tonnage to space.

The docks, floors and walls are power washed weekly and the freezer is swept and cleaned three times a day.
Facility Pest Control

Eliminex Exterminating Company performs all the pest control inspections and prevention programs.  Eliminex is one of the oldest names in the pest control business on Long
Island.  No bait stations are used within the facility as they are outside and on the fence line perimeter.  Interior glue boards inside of houses are set and checked.  Location chart is
posted in the office and we file all listed chemicals used.  Eliminex inspects the facility once every week.

Alarm System

Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. maintains an alarm system which is centrally monitored for temperature, sprinkler flow, fire, intruders, compressor monitor and detection.  Lowitt
Alarms is the monitoring arm of the system and provides the hardware and full service maintenance contract which we are on.  Lowitt Alarms can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days
a week.


Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. maintains a gas fired 500KW Mercedes Generator in case of a power shortage or failures should happen.  The Generator is set up with an
automatic transfer switch which will transfer power from the grid to the generator with 30 seconds of shortage.  This natural gas fired motor is fed from National Grid on a 24/7
standby.  Mayfair Power system in Freeport, New York maintains the generator on a yearly contractual basis.


Expert Mechanical inc. is the primary contractor.  Expert handles our installation work as well as our lock up services.  Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. has a full service agreement
on all of its equipment and 24 hours a day 7 days a week if needed.
Surveillance System

Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. maintains an eight camera surveillance system that monitors every door, entrance and exit in the facility.  System is serviced by Christopher Matt
Surveillance Systems and is on standby 24/7 if needed.  Inferred lenses are installed on all cameras for night vision.

Material Handling

Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. leases its equipment from Raymond Lift Trucks, which is located in Farmingdale, New York.  Our contact is Ron Cohen and we have a full services
agreement for maintenance on all of the equipment.  All equipment is brand new state of the art.


Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. has a full service agreement with Diversified Services for all of its offices, bathroom, hallways and garbage.  Diversified Services, services the
facility three times a week and fills out all the maintenance charts with any chemicals used.  All cleaning materials are “Green” environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc. has long term contracts for services with prominent names in the industry such as Kraft, Nestle, Hagan Dazs, Schwans Pizza, Damascus Bakery
and E&M Ice Cream Company.  Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc.. is an authorized Nestle distribution center.  This is an honor not given to many.  Long Island Frozen Storage, Inc.
is a solid, profitable organization whose future climate for growth is bright.  
FDA Registration # 13983217962
Dept of Agriculture - Food Warehouse License

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Hank Vollbracht

Long Island Frozen Storage, LLC
Home Office Phone:                              (516) 827-5616
Home Office Fax:                                  (516) 827-5614
Home Office Ext 1                                 Directions to the facility
Home Office Ext 2                                 Donna Gonzalez Inventory and Appointments
Home Office Ext 3                                 Hank Vollbracht Owner and Operator
Home Office Ext 4                                 Accounts payable and accounts receivable
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